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Ivory Ridge Swim and Tennis Club has three pools: a lap lane pool, an activity pool, and a tot pool. We have a spacious pool deck with lawn chairs and tables provided for all members to enjoy. The pools will be open from approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day. Lifeguards are on duty during all open swim hours. Swimming lessons are offered.
The swimming pool is open during the Summer only. Dates are contingent on weather (End of May - End of August).
Lap Swimming
Monday - Saturday 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Swimming Lessons
Tuesday - Friday* 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Open Swim 
Monday - Sat. 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
*makeup swim lessons due to holidays
or in climate weather will be taught on Friday/Saturday.
Class Descriptions
(All skills must be passed off in order to move to the next level)

Meet Polly, Ivory Ridge Aquatics Director

 Polly Jette-Butler
Polly is from New York and graduated from The University of New York Albany with a BA in Art, English, and Early childhood Education. She is certified as a Red Cross Lifeguard Trainer, Red Cross LGI, PSIA level 3. Previously she worked as a Lifeguard Manager at Promontory Club Conservancy, an Aquatics Director at Mill Creek Canyon Camps, and a Summer Adventure Camp Counselor at Deer Valley Resort. She also works as a private ski instructor during the winter at Deep Valley (30 years and still going strong). 

Level One

  • Enter/Exit pool using steps or side.
  • Bubbles through mouth or nose (3 seconds)
  • Fully submerge head (1 second)
  • Retrieve underwater objects with eyes open.
  • Assisted front float (5 seconds)
  • Assisted back float (5 seconds)
  • Recover from float to standing position
  • Assisted freestyle arm movements (5 feet)
  • Assisted backstroke arm movement (5 feet)
  • Assisted Streamline (front and back)
  • Assisted Butterfly and Backstroke arm action on the front.
  • Assisted dolphin kick, front/back

Level Two

  • Enter/Exit pool using the pool
  • Fully submerge head (bob 15X)
  • Floats – jellyfish, back, front, tuck (5 seconds)
  • Freestyle 15 feet (NO support)
  • Backstroke 15 feet (moderate support)
  • Retrieve underwater object (Fully submerged)
  • Roll from Front to Back/Back to Front
  • Streamline without Kick, Streamline with Kicks (2-4 feet)
  • Tread water with support (15 seconds)

Level Three

  • Fully submerge (5X)
  • Side Breathing with Freestyle
  • Streamline (2 body lengths)
  • Tread water (30 Seconds)
  • Introduction to Breaststroke
  • Introduction to Butterfly
  • Freestyle (15 yards)
  • Backstroke (15 yards)
  • Back/front Float (30 seconds)

Level Four

  • Fully submerge (5X)
  • Dive in from kneeling or track start position and glide for 3 body lengths (long shallow dives)
  • Feet and head first surface dives
  • Back float for 1 minute
  • Front float for 1 minute
  • Tread water for 1 minute
  • Open turns front/back
  • Freestyle 25 yards
  • Backstroke 25 yards
  • Breaststroke 15 yards
  • Elementary backstroke 15 yards
  • Butterfly 15 yards
  • Introduction to flip turns

Level Five

  • Shallow dive into streamline into 25-yard swim
  • Underwater streamline 15 yards
  • Flip turns for freestyle and backstroke
  • Freestyle 50 yards
  • Backstroke 50 yards
  • Breaststroke 25 yards
  • Butterfly 25 yards
  • Elementary backstroke 50 yards
  • Circle swimming

Advanced Level Five

  • 100-yard Freestyle with flip turns
  • 100-yard backstroke with flip turns
  • 50-yard breaststroke with legal two-hand turns
  • 50-yard butterfly with legal two-hand turns
  • Pace clock usage and training
  • 500-yard continuous swim any choice of strokes
  • Freestyle alternate breathing
*Advanced level 5 is considered swim team Prep

*Advanced Requirements are only to prepare for the swim team, they will not affect whether the student passes Level 5 if they complete all of the basic requirements.

Parent & Tot Aquatics

  • Enter and exit the pool safely and with permission
  • Submerge face and head in the water
  • Assisted back float
  • Assisted front float
  • Blow bubbles
  • Assisted glides on front and back
  • Basic swimming arm movements
  • Kicking
  • Basic water safety
  • Unsupported glide underwater to parent
  • 123 hold on!