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Ivory Ridge Swim and Tennis Club offers various innovative fitness classes designed to fit every schedule and need.
We offer everything from toning, strength, and conditioning to kids fit and many yoga classes from beginners to more advanced yogis. We aim to help our members improve their health and fitness all year long. All our classes are taught by certified and/or experienced instructors.

At Ivory Ridge, we also offer a wide variety of fitness equipment, including cardio machines, free weights, balance and stretching equipment, treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, a rowing machine, a stair master, and more! Lockers and showers are also available.

Sound Bath

Lisa Robinson
Come nurture your mind and body in our new relaxing Sound Bath Class.  Bring a blanket and yoga mat (if you have one) and wear comfortable clothes.  Please be early so this class can start on time and not have any interruptions once it begins. 

High and Low Fitness

Leslie Bower
This action packed full body workout uses cardio and toning tracks choreographed with simple fitness moves to create a high energy, fun and effective aerobic workout that will keep you coming back for more! All the fun, less impact.

Weights and HIIT

Kara Newman
Come join us for a full body High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and weights workout! The HIIT portion is 4, 7-minute intervals of cardio mixed with weights for a total of 28 minutes, followed by weight lifting to maximize every muscle in the body getting worked! Options for ALL fitness levels are taught. 

Yoga Flow and Yoga for Every BODY

Debbie Arnell 
"Spark the remembrance of who you really are, your body always knows exactly what you're feeling."

Debbie Loves to move!  She has been teaching yoga for 17 years and has amassed several certifications.  She specializes in using yoga as a therapeutic intervention with a consistent plan for reducing tension that often develops from everyday life.  Her goal is to help others love life and their bodies and to move with grace well into their later years.  Debbie stresses the importance of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.  You will certainly leave Debbie’s class feeling uplifted, empowered, and ready to conquer your daily challenges.

Restorative and Yoga Therapy

Jennifer Williamson
"Forever is composed of nows"
Gentle Chair Yoga
A gentle and invigorating mindful practice of breathing, body awareness, muscular engagement, and movement all from a chair. We work through tension seeds in the body, especially our joints, and focus on strengthening the core.  This is a great class for those who have sports injuries, arthritis, tendinitis, and inactivity.

Restorative Yoga Therapy
This Yoga Fusion Flow Class is designed to oxygenate your muscles, calm your nervous system and mind, reset conditioned emotional and physical responses to stress through yoga postures, breathwork, and mindfulness using bolsters and blocks for support. Meditation and Nidra are an integral part of this class to encourage mind-body connections and recalibrate fight or flight response. In this Gentle Lifted Flow class, we will flow through gentle postures to encourage core strength, hydrate muscles, energize, increase flexibility and nourish the mind and body. All poses are modified to meet your level and individual needs. We love to work on our Sun Salutations and mind-body breath synchronicity. This is a class that is all about the basics! 

Early Bird Basic Yoga
This is a spirited yoga class on all levels designed to strengthen the core, learn fundamentals of alignment, and integrate mind, body, and breath. This class focuses on the “anyone can do yoga” principle. Suitable for all ages and stages.

Spin, Strength and Stretch

Farrah Hudson
Spin, Strength & Stretch!  Get all 3 pillars of health in one fun class.  Spinning is an excellent form of low-impact cardiac exercise to take care of your heart.  We get 45 minutes in every spin class, and work on speed, endurance, power and strength!  You can adjust your bike settings for beginners through pros, teens through seniors! We add motivating music and arm weights to balance out your arm and leg strengthening, and then end with 15-30 minutes of yoga to stretch out those muscles that we worked out so hard!  

Yoga Flow

Nicole Miller
This Yoga Flow Class focuses on the connection between breath, movement, and the mind. It is based on the principles of hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga and ashtanga vinyasa. This style of yoga is often referred to as 'flow' because it moves from one pose to another in a continuous, smooth way.