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The Ivory Ridge Master Homeowners Association transitioned from Declarant Board to Homeowner Board of Directors as of Monday, February 26, 2024. 
Please see below for more information about the Transition:


The results of the 2024 election were announced at the Annual Meeting held on Monday, February 26, 2024 at the Swim and Tennis Clubhouse Banquet Room. 
Here is your new Master Board of Directors as of February 26:
Andrew Marshall
Angie Potter
Joseph Johnson
Robert Sperry
Vanessa Perez
Ivory Ridge Swim and Tennis Club Committee as of February 26:
Jason Mandelaris
Robin Dickerson
Christopher Bleak
Kristin Schmidt
Kevin Anglesey

February 26, 2024: Annual Meeting and Election

Come to this meeting being held at the Clubhouse Banquet Room to celebrate through the Annual Meeting and Election night! The meeting starts at 5:30 pm with a Mix and Mingle to follow. 


An association may opt to amend or restate its CC&Rs to reflect changes in the law, to address circumstances in the development that may not have existed when it was originally formed, or to modify the rights and responsibilities of the association and its members.
The Master Board of Directors has approved the following Amendments: 

Transition Tidbits Communications

This is an exciting time within Ivory Ridge and there will be a lot of information coming your way. We have a monthly Transition Tidbit newsletter that will be sent before the Transition Information Meetings. Be sure that you are on the mailing list for the e-blasts and if you are not, please email the Community Management Team at info@ivoryridge.com and request to be added. Please see below for the link to the communication in case you missed it: 

October Transition Information Meeting: Financials and Reserve Study

This meeting was held on Wednesday, October 11 at the Clubhouse. Please see the link below for the PowerPoint Presentation:

September Transition Information Meeting: What is Transition?

This meeting was held on Wednesday, September 13 at the Clubhouse. Please see the links for the PowerPoint Presentations for the topics covered:

November Ivory Ridge Master Q4 Board of Directors Meeting

This meeting was held on Wednesday, November 15 in person at the Clubhouse Banquet Room. Please see the link below for the PowerPoint and attached document that was shared in the meeting. As always, please let us know if you have any 
questions or need any assistance by reaching out to the Management team through our email: info@ivoryridge.com 

December Transition Information Meeting: Meet the Vendors POSTPONED

This meeting will take place in the Clubhouse Banquet Room and is a chance to come and meet the Vendors that serve within Ivory Ridge: Clubhouse, Tennis Club, and Landscape. Come and learn about the programs at the Club and the Landscape plans for Ivory Ridge. Watch for communications with details as this event gets closer. 
**This meeting has been canceled and removed from the calendar on December 13. This meeting will be rescheduled to a later date after the transition**

Running for the Board of Directors

We have received several applications from qualified residents, so now we look forward to the election process.
To be eligible, applicants must be property owners in Ivory Ridge and be in good standing with the Association. Additionally, those selected will be required to adhere to a code of ethics, ensuring the highest standards of conduct. 
See the links below for the information on the Board of Directors and the Club Committee: 
We are looking for Five (5) Homeowners to fill positions on the Resident Board of Directors. Applications will be accepted through Wednesday, December 27. Learn more about the positions and apply through the link above.
Looking for other ways to serve your community? The Association is taking applications for the Club Committee. This committee will serve at the direction of the Board of Directors and oversee the operations of the Ivory Ridge Swim and Tennis Club.

Here's how it works: Club Committee comprised of six (6) members that will manage the affairs of the Club.

•1 member from owners at the Gardens.
•1 member from owners at Clubview Towns or The Walks Towns.
•1 Member from owners at the Lofts or Town rentals.
•1 Member from owners of Commercial parcels in the Walks plat D.
•1 Member from owners of the preferred club memberships.
•1 Member from the remaining single family detached lots.

January 24, 2024: Meet the Candidates Night

Want to know who is running for the Board of Directors? This is the event to be able to come and be introduced to the candidates and see who will be representing you on the new Homeowner-run Board of Directors. 
In the days leading up to this event, candidate bios will be posted on the website for your review. These bios will stay posted through the election. 
After this night, the voting will open in February and will be open for several days in preparation for the Annual Meeting and Election on February 28, 2024.