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Guest Vehicle Registration

Ivory Ridge Association requires guest vehicle registration in areas marked with guest parking signage.  Please see below for your neighborhood guest pass requirements.
  • Green Vehicle Guest Parking Tags are required for each guest vehicle.  Please stop by the Clubhouse on weekdays between 6 am - 8 pm to pick one up. 
  • Please post the green Vehicle Guest Parking Tag on the guest vehicle's windshield. (If your guest does not have a green Vehicle Guest Parking Tag in the windshield, the vehicle may be towed).
  • Complete the Guest Vehicle Registration Form. This information will be treated as confidential and will be used only by the Association. 
  • Print your e-mail confirmation.
  • Post your email confirmation on the dashboard of the Guest Vehicle.
Passes are valid for 48 hours. 
Click here to access the guest vehicle registration form.