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Assessments & Fees

What are Current Assessments & Fees for the sale of a home?
  • Resale & Disclosure Fee $245.00
  • Utah Pay Off Fee $50.00
  • Initial Sale Fee $500.00
What do I pay my assessments for? Owner assessments fund the operations of the association and the maintenance of the community.
How can I set up automatic payments? You can find more information HERE


Are there lifeguarding certification classes? Yes. We offer certification courses in May of each year. Potential lifeguards must be at least 15 years old to take the course.
How many lifeguards do you have on deck at a time during regular business hours? In accordance with state law at least 1 lifeguard for every 30 patrons will be on-premises.
Are Pool Parties allowed? There is no renting out of the pool area, but if you are planning on having a get-together at the pool, we ask that you notify our staff a week in advance so we can have enough lifeguards to keep the pool safe and staffed efficiently.
What are the measurements of each pool? The lap is 25 yards long with a max. depth of 5 ft., an Activity pool is a walk-in pool with a max. depth of 3.5 ft. and the kiddie pool is a walk-in pool with a max. depth of 1.5 ft.
If the weather is bad and lightning strikes what is your pool policy? Pool closures are left up to the supervisor on duty. Protocols for closing are high winds, low air temperatures, and lightning within 10 miles.
What happens if there are feces in the pool? The pool is immediately closed, feces is removed, and the pool is shocked with high levels of chlorine. Depending on the amount, the pool will be closed anywhere from 1 hour to overnight.
Is a First Aid kit available if someone gets hurt? Lifeguards are trained in First Aid and carry emergency hip packs with them at all times. A more intense First Aid kit is located in the Lifeguard Room.
Can I have food on the pool deck? You can bring in your own food and drinks but can only eat them in the designated areas on the pool deck. Please clean up after yourself as a courtesy to our other patrons.

Design Review & Approval

Why do I need to receive design approval? Our goal is to upkeep with the community standards and make sure everything falls under community guidelines.
How long does it take to get design review approval? Approval varies by neighborhood and depends on your specific Design Review Committee. Finishing a detailed application will help with approval time.
What is my first step for approval? You must submit a completed application along with a detailed site plan sent in PDF form. More information can be found HERE.


What is an HOA? As a homeowner, you're automatically a part of the association. The Board Of Directors is elected to serve as advocates for the members, establish operating policies and standards, and support community interests.
How can I view our Governing Documents? Make sure to create a homeowner account HERE. You can then go to Homeowner > Documents to access community Governing Documents.
How can I reach the HOA office? Onsite Management has an office in the clubhouse and are available daily. You can contact us by phone or email.
What if my questions aren't listed? We are always happy to hear from you and help answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us.