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Design Review

The design guidelines protect your property values and preserve the character of the community. Approval is required for all landscaping and exterior or architectural changes.
There are three main steps to completing a proper Architectural Application. Each step is crucial, and any incomplete section will result in a further review and delayed approval.

1. Architectural Improvement Application

This application is for review and approval of the following described exterior improvements. Anything not listed on the application and not clearly shown on plans will not be a part of this review. Approval is for Association purposes only, owners are still obligated to seek compliance approval with applicable state, county, or city jurisdiction, building, and zoning ordinances, or safety requirements. Approval shall be void for work not completed within one hundred eighty (180) days from review.
A completed application must include all of the following, or it will not be accepted:
1. All submissions must include a site plan in PDF format, drawn to scale; noting the following: (a) property lines (b) street, (c) house, (d) setback dimensions, (e) driveway dimensions.
2. Landscaping improvements must include: (a) two plan copies (b) legend clearly depicting all materials to be used (c) size specifications of all materials must be provided. One plan copy to be retained by the association records and the other to be returned with the approval or written comments. Having a clear and complete application will expedite the process.
3. Structural improvements such as; shed, gazebos, additions, or patio covers shall include: (a) two-site plan copies, (b) two elevation plan copies depicting structure height from finished grade from at least two angles, (c) all proposed exterior colors and materials must be clearly depicted the plan. This type of modification requires submittal of an additional set of plans, so one may be stamped by the committee and returned to you for the city building permit process.
*If you live in Clubview Towns or The Walk, please include the following addendum with your architectural application

2. Questionnaire

The questionnaire will help ensure that your application is complete and ready to be reviewed by the DRC. This questionnaire was designed by the DRC to give the homeowner the best possible chance of approval during the first submission. If any of the questions are answered "no", the project is not ready to be reviewed by the DRC.

3. Site Plan

The site plan stated in the Architectural Application refers to a residential diagram depicting the plot of land on which the house sits, along with landscape topography and any exterior features or structures.
Site plans can be professionally created or handcrafted by the owner itself and submitted in a PDF format document.  Failing to submit in this format, can result in a denied application or delayed approval.
All site plans must include homeowner name, address/lot number, drainage arrows and directional arrows (N/S/E/W)

4. Supporting Documentation

Project details include but are not limited to, all proposed exterior colors, materials, additional documents like building permits and samples. 
The more details you submit with your Architectural Application, the smoother the review and approval process will be.