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Design Review

The design guidelines protect your property values and preserve the character of the community. Approval is required for all landscaping and exterior or architectural changes.

1. Design Review Application and Questionnaire

Design Review Guidelines
The Design Review Committee is tasked with maintaining the visual appeal of the community, while also implementing and enforcing design guidelines that help protect and maintain your property value.

Every resident is required to submit an application and obtain approval from the committee PRIOR to starting exterior modifications to your home or property. 

Please refer to the design review documents for assistance when completing your outdoor projects such as landscaping, fencing, concrete, solar panels, etc.
There are two main steps to completing a proper application. Each step is crucial, and any incomplete section will result in further review and delayed approval.
1. Design Review Application
*If you live in Clubview Towns or The Walk, please include the following addendum with your architectural application

2. Site Plan Examples

The site plan stated in the Architectural Application refers to a residential diagram depicting the plot of land on which the house sits, along with landscape topography and any exterior features or structures.
Site plans can be professionally created or handcrafted from the owner itself and submitted in a PDF format document.  Failing to submit in this format, can result in the denied application or delayed approval.
Please reach out to the Community Manager's Office to confirm the site plan requirements. 

3. Additional Information to Include with Application

As of July 2021 Lehi City now has a tree permit that the homeowner needs to submit and have approved before any vegetation is installed. This is a city ordinance. There is no cost associated but it is a city ordinance. Therefore, all parkstrip trees must be approved by Lehi City as well as the HOA's Design Review committee. Click Here for Link for City Permit
You can email the HOA representative for any questions or more details HERE.