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Welcome to Community Association Living--An improved style of living!

While there is so much to enjoy while living in a community association, for many this is a new concept. To help familiarize you with some of the many aspects of community association living, here are some things you should know. When you purchase a home in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, membership in the association is mandatory for each owner. As outlined in your community’s governing documents, each owner receives the same benefits and shares the same responsibilities for community living. This is how the association protects your property values and preserves the character and standards of your community.

The Ivory Ridge Master Association is the governing entity for the Ivory Ridge Community (also referred to as the Master) and governs the entire community as well as common areas in the centralized area of Center Street, Clubview Lane, and the Swim & Tennis Club.

The Ivory Ridge Master Association is comprised of six (6) neighborhoods and the development project is expected to have approximately 836 homes upon completion-which shall include:
Clubview Estates 
Clubview Towns
Park Estates
The Gardens  
The Lofts 
The Walk
Ivory Ridge Commercial 

  • Board of Directors
    • The Board of Directors are:
      Christopher Gamvroulas
      Kevin Anglesey
      Brad MacKay
      David Zollinger

      If you desire to communicate with the board members, please contact the Community Manager.

  • Governing Documents
  • Architectural and Community Standards
    • In an effort to provide for, and protect, each individual's homeowner rights and property value, it is required that any Ivory Ridge homeowner considering improvements to their property which modify the exterior of  the home or property, including landscaping, submit this APPLICATION, along with design plans, to the Design Review Committee (DRC) prior to initiating work on planned improvements.

      After a submittal is accepted as complete and is in accordance with the design review requirements, application and attachments will be forwarded to the DRC for review. The DRC will make every effort to approve or disapprove a submittal within ten (10) business days from submittal acceptance. However, the lack of a response within this time frame shall not be considered an approval.  

      Completed applications and appropriate attachments can be submitted by the following methods:
      Mail: CCMC C/O Ivory Ridge Master POA, 32 East Clubview Lane, Lehi, UT 84043  
      In person: Ivory Ridge Swim & Tennis Club, 32 E Clubview Lane, Lehi 84043
      Via email: Michelle Pohlman, Community Manager at mpohlman@ccmcnet.com

      Please see Rules & Regulations in the Governing Documents for Design Review Guidelines.

      Ivory Ridge MPOA DRC Application 2018.pdf
      ARC Sample Plans Submission.pdf
  • Financial Information
  • Insurance
  • Meeting Information
  • Pay Assessments

      Each owner receives a regular monthly HOA assessment statement from the Management Company, CCMC. Please see your individual neighborhood, for currently assessment rates. 

      There are several options for making this payment:

      1. You may send a check directly to:
               Ivory Ridge Property Owners Association
      C/O CCMC PO Box 105260
      Atlanta, GA  30348-52602.

      2.  You May Set Up Recurring Monthly Payments or make one-time payments directly with

      To make monthly dues payments with ease, you may sign up for CCMC’s Direct Debit Service.  Click here for a pdf of the Direct Debit Form

      -What is the direct debit payment option? 
      One of the most convenient payment methods available to our homeowners, the option of automatic assessment payments made via an ACH transaction ensures that owner fees are paid automatically during each billing cycle.  Owners don't need to worry about sending a check, making an online payment or setting up bill payment with their banking institution in order for their assessment payment to be paid on time.  The funds are directly deposited to the association's bank account and reflected as payment on the owner's ledger.

      -How does an owner signup for direct debit?
      Signing up is easy!  The owner can use the attached Direct Debit Form above to authorize CCMC to initiate a debit to the owner's bank account each time a regular assessment is billed to the owner's account. 

      -When does the assessment payment get debited from the owner's account? 
      The assessment payment will typically be debited from the owner's account between the 5th and 7th of the month the assessment is due.  Weekends and holidays could cause changes to this timeframe.  

      -If the regular assessment amount changes, does the owner need to make any updates?
      No action is required by the owner if the assessment amount changes.  The amount debited from the owner's account is equal to the regular recurring assessment charge billed to the owner during each billing cycle. 

      -Are any other amounts due on the owner's account paid via the direct debit payment? 
      Only regular board approved recurring assessments will be pulled with the ACH transaction.  Payment for any other item on the account such as past due balances, ancillary charges, special assessments etc. will not be pulled.  Payment will need to be made separately to pay for these additional charges.

      -Where does an owner send their CCMC Direct Debit set-up paperwork?
      Owners can mail the completed setup paperwork to the CCMC corporate address (found on the Direct Debit Form), or send their information via email to the address of scottsdalefrontdesk@ccmcnet.com (also found on the Direct Debit Form).  PLEASE NOTE:  paperwork received after the 29th will result in set up delayed until the following pull period.

      -How does an owner cancel their CCMC Direct Debit Authorization? 
      Owners can cancel their direct debit by submitting a written request to revoke their authorization.  The cancelation option is included on the authorization form.  If an owner sells their property, the direct debit will automatically cease once the owner has been moved to a prior owner classification in the CCMC enterprise database.

      To set up automatic e-statements: 
      If you would like to sign up for Automatic E-statements: and sign up there.  [For newly constructed homes, this option may not be available for up to 45 days from closing.]

  • Enjoying Community Association Living
    • Community association living was designed to improve the quality of neighborhood life! To help you get the most from your community association and to help the Management Company provide the finest association management, here are some areas that you can help with:

      Community Appearance
      This is your home, your grounds and your amenities. Please help keep your area clean and well-maintained so your community will always look its very best.

      Social gatherings for you and your guests are welcomed and encouraged! Please also be aware of your neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of their homes by containing any noise or behaviors that may become objectionable to them. If you experience a disturbance, please contact the local police and, if provided by your association, the patrol service. The Management Company’s after-hours emergency personnel cannot assist you with disturbances.

      Refuse Collection
      Please make sure your refuse is placed inside your trash or recycling container, not on top or beside it. Trash not in the container can cause litter and debris to be strewn about the community. For street-side pick up, please do not place trash out before the scheduled route time and be sure to return your trash containers behind your gates or inside your garage by midnight on the same day the trash is collected. Always use heavy bags or appropriate containers that are properly and adequately securely.

      To promote safety and minimize inconvenience, please park in the proper parking areas designated for your home. Your guests should always use visitor parking and not those areas designated for your neighbors’ usage. You should never park in a designated fire lane or block access to any common areas.
      The storing or parking of certain recreational, over-sized vehicles and boats may be restricted or restricted to designated areas. Disabled or unregistered vehicles may not be parked or stored within your community. For the safety of all, please abide by all posted speed limits and traffic signs within the community.

      Associations may have rules and limitations regarding the size, number and breed of pets you may have. If you have pets, please be considerate by picking up after them and keeping them on a leash when off your property.

      Any pools within your community are for your recreation and enjoyment. To make sure that all members may enjoy this popular amenity, you and your guests should observe all posted rules and follow your association’s pool policies.

      As a community association member, you will be required to pay assessments. To accomplish the many tasks for which it is responsible, the association must have operating funds for daily maintenance, repairs and administration, as well as adequate reserve funds for major repairs or replacements of common property components. In order to obtain these funds, all members within your community are required to pay assessments to the association. The Board of Directors will establish and adopt an operating budget each year based on estimated income and expenses for the community. The association will notify you of the amount and due date of your specific assessment. While the Board and your Management Company will work hard to minimize expenses, periodic increases in your assessments may occur to cover the rising costs of operations and maintenance of your community.

      Keeping in mind that assessments are the primary source of income for community associations, all members are required to pay them in a timely manner. Members who do not pay their assessments on time may be subject to various monetary penalties, amenity usage restrictions and even voting restrictions. While this may seem extreme, please remember that your association can operate only if all members pay their assessments when due. That will allow your association to properly administer and maintain your community’s standards and value.

      What happens when an owner violates the rules of an association?
      Please be aware, that repeated violations of a rule in a homeowners association may result in fines. Each association is required to maintain a fine schedule and the levying of fines is governed by state statute
  • CCMC – Your Management Company at Ivory Ridge
    • At Ivory Ridge, your Board of Directors has hired CCMC (Capital Consultants Management Corporation) to manage the daily administration and operations of your association.

      To help you understand what the management company does, here is what CCMC is responsible for:

      • Assisting the board of directors and neighborhood advisory committees with administrative, financial and organizational detail
      • Hiring and training all association staff members
      • Maintaining the financial records of the association
      • Billing and receiving all member assessments
      • Preparing association financial statements
      • Assisting the Board of Directors in preparing the budget
      • Processing architectural modification requests
      • Maintaining all common areas and community amenities
      • Providing community services, as approved by the Board of Directors
      • Enforcing community standards, guidelines and policies

      CCMC is not responsible for:

      • Providing maintenance or repairs for your home
      • Representing members in legal proceedings
      • Preparing or filing any tax returns
      • Completing or warranting the developer’s or builder’s construction work

      We are here for you! If you should have any problem or complaint relating to the common areas within your community, please notify CCMC Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

      CCMC offices observe the following holidays and will be closed on:

      • New Year’s Eve
      • New Year’s Day
      • Memorial Day
      • July Fourth
      • Labor Day
      • Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday)
      • Christmas Eve
      • Christmas Day
  • Contact Us
    • At CCMC, we are very proud of our management team and have the utmost confidence in their ability, integrity and professional competence. Our goal is to make your community living enjoyable, and especially pleasing to you. If you have any questions or concerns about your community or CCMC, feel free to contact us.

      CCMC Utah Office
      Michelle Pohlman, Community Manager
      13894 South Bangerter Parkway, Suite #200, Draper, Utah 84020
      Office Phone 801-679-2256
      After Hours Emergency Service 602-234-9288

To Contact the Ivory Ridge Homeowners Association, please call the CCMC Utah Office at 801-679-2256.
In the event of an after hour HOA emergency call 602-234-9288.

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